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Drawing Amelia Earhart

100 Women Project No 1

Portrait of Amelia Earhart by Zrinka Budimlija. Graphite and Watercolour.
Portrait of Amelia Earhart by Zrinka Budimlija. Graphite and Watercolour.

Everybody knows that history has been and still is written by men. And those men writing happen to leave out many women out of those stories about the olden days. Or they lessen their role somewhat. Or they make up different stories around those women altogether. The story that better suits a female in their opinion.

It is important to know who came before you in time. It helps you define yourself in terms of what you can do, what is possible, and what boundaries were pushed and still need pushing. If you are a woman, you may long look for such role models who could guide you. But not because there were no great women throughout history, but because they don’t get featured as much. Or at all. Without those women who came before us, we would not be able to enjoy the freedoms we do today. We would not be able to vote, to choose who we marry, to choose our carrier, or even choose if we want to work or not. We would not be able to learn, get higher or any education at all, wear pants, ride cars, or planes, be doctors, the list is endless. Those who came before us gave their lives for the rights we enjoy today, and we have a duty to celebrate and protect those rights and help others achieve the same rights.

Amelia Earhart was an aviator pioneer and an author. She was the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic ocean. She set many other records, wrote best-selling books about her flying experiences and was instrumental in the formation of The Ninety-Nines, an organization for female pilots.

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A painting of Amelia Earhart by Zrinka Budimlija, on a table with Watercolour set.
A painting of Amelia Earhart by Zrinka Budimlija.

In the 100 Women Project, I am going to paint 100 portraits of important women throughout history to remind of all forgotten heroines past and present.

Watch how I made this painting.

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